The Rice and The Noodle ( home delivery)

Sometimes home delivery can be a bit hit and miss in Doha, our ‘go to’ places for delivery are Nandos, Chilis, Royal Istanbul and The Chippy. However, we fancied Chinese food and a quick Talabat search led us to The Rice and The Noodle located at Souk Waqif. The menu offers a range of soups, appetisers, noodle and rice dishes plus seafood, chicken, beef and vegetables ( they also have a sushi section which we didn’t try). Greg placed our order via Talabat and they messaged him to whatsapp our location. Our food arrived in about an hour which I thought was pretty good for a weekend evening, especially knowing they’d have to negotiate the corniche to get to us! Everything was well packaged and labelled. It was also warm so nothing needed reheating.

The batter on the prawn tempura appetiser  (33QR) was lovely and light and it was a good-sized portion.

Our main dishes were good. The beef with oyster sauce (48QR) was tender and the sauce was rich but not too salty which often happens with Chinese food. The carrots and mushroom weren’t overcooked and there was a good proportion of ingredients to sauce.

The sweet and sour chicken (35QR) had a generous amount of chunky chicken pieces and again, a good balance of peppers, onion and pineapple. The sauce wasn’t overly sticky or sweet.

I’m glad we ordered the vegetables in garlic sauce (23QR) a mix of babycorn, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage they were all fresh and crunchy providing a nice contest when eaten with the other dishes and the egg fried rice (14QR). I think next time we order we’d get 2 portions of rice as one wasn’t really enough for 2 people to share.

Our delivery cost 162QR which I felt was good value for the delivery time, quality of the food and portion size. We also recieved a complimentary fruit salad which was a nice touch – there was enough to keep us grazing all night! I liked the fact that nothing was too greasy and it wasn’t swimming in oil, each dish was tasty but not too sickly or sweet. I would definitely order from here again and visit their restaurant in the souk. Overall a thumbs up from us and another place to add to our ‘go to’ list for home delivery. 

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Mainland China, Barwa Towers

Greg often says I don’t concentrate properly and this is probably the main reason why we havent been to Mainland China. I had read some positive reviews and heard good things about the restaurant but I thought it was in Barwa City. At a recent Zomato meet up someone was giving a glowing report of their Iftar menu and then realised that it was in Barwa Towers on C Ring Road NOT Barwa City! As we had a few things to do nearby we decided to go on Monday evening for Iftar. Located just above French Olive (another lovely restaurant) I was impressed at how nice it was inside. Lots of dark wood, good use of lighting and lovely etched glass made it feel warm and welcoming with a distinct Asian feel.

We were immediately brought fresh fruits and vegetables, dates, nuts, a glass of juice and the Iftar menu. It was explained that we would be served everything on the menu and if we wanted an extra serving of anything this was included in the price.


Our appetizers arrived quickly and were delicious. There was a nice spicy kick to the roast chicken, the spring rolls were crispy and packed with chicken and veg and I loved the morsels of crispy lamb which were deep-fried. We ended up ordering another serving of the garlic prawns as they were so tasty. We asked not to be served the tofu salad as neither of us like it and it would have been wasted.

The staff checked we had finished with our appetizers then one of the managers came over the chat with us to check the food and service were ok. He was keen to hear our feedback and luckily it was all good at this point. Our lemon and coriander soup arrived and it was piping hot. It was quite a large serving and the flavours of lime, coriander and lemon shone through with small pieces of tender chicken.Greg found the soup a little too fragrant but I really enjoyed it.

After about 10 minutes our main courses arrived, I was getting rather full by this point! Again all of the dishes were hot and freshly cooked. We liked the chicken with mantao bun, the white fish which was lovely and light, the fried rice and the noodles which weren’t in the least bit greasy or heavy. I didn’t really enjoy the lamb however as I felt the quality of the meat wasn’t very good. I think it was the texture, it didn’t seem like ‘real’ cubes or slices of lamb. The sauces were nice but we felt they could have had stronger, deeper flavours and maybe a little more spice. When we go again we will ask for more spice to be added.

By now we were full to bursting. I had looked at the desserts offered and didn’t think I would like any of them as I don’t eat nuts, honey or dates. Curiosity got the better of me however and I decided to try the noodles with honey and almonds. They were a bit of a revelation especially with vanilla ice cream. The only way I can explain it is they were like honey nuts cornflakes with ice cream – probably not the best description I know! We really liked them. The date pancakes were unfortunately far too sweet for either of us to eat. If you have a sweet tooth you will love these desserts.

There were lots of good things about our meal here and we enjoyed it. Priced at 89QR each it is also very good value for money. I think, as previously mentioned, some of the dishes could have a bit more depth of flavour and the quality of the lamb could also be improved. Everything else was spot on. Throughout our meal service was warm and friendly. At one point it did get a little overbearing as we were asked 3 times in 5 minutes how our food was. Maybe they could ensure one server works with one table to ensure this doesn’t happen?. Our bill came to just over 200QR for the 2 Iftar meals, a bottle of water (other than the initial drink they are not included) and a tip. For someone looking for a slightly different Iftar I would recommend this and we will definitely go back to eat from the regular menu. They also offer a take away service.

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Ruby Wu’s, Radission Blu, Doha

We’ve had two Chinese meals since we have been here – at Hakkasan at the St Regis, which in my opinion, is one of the best restaurants in Doha, and at Shanghai Garden in City Center Mall. Ruby Wu’s had been recommended to us so we went on Saturday evening.
On first impression it’s a bit odd as its a cavernous area with a glass ceiling just below the hotel reception. The restaurant shares its space with Bombay Balti the Indian restaurant but they have both been decorated very differently. Ruby Wu’s has very dark wooden furniture, Chinese symbols on fabric and two streams with bridges going over, you can also see into the kitchen which is slightly screened off, I thought it created a nice atmosphere. We were served quickly and throughout our meal the service was discreet but very friendly and attentive.

For starters we ordered steamed prawn dim sum and crispy Szechuan beef with chilli. The four dim sum were delicious, packed with filling and served with dipping sauces, the beef was served warm as requested and consisted of small fried strips of beef with a fiery chilli sauce – be warned its pretty hot!

For mains we ordered sweet and sour chicken, beef in oyster sauce, fried rice with duck and prawns and pak choi with mushrooms. The chicken was really fruity and tasty, big chunks of chicken, fruit and veg in a sauce that wasn’t too gloopy or sugary. The beef with broccoli was quite salty due to the oyster sauce with big pieces of beef and tender broccoli which had kept its crunch. The rice was very good as was the pak choi and mushrooms.

The portion sizes were big, we ended up taking food home for lunch the next day. For 2 starters, 2 mains, 2 sides, 2 soft drinks and a bottle of water it came to 370 ( incl tip) which is significantly cheaper than Hakkasan. We will definitely go back


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