St Regis, West Bay

I was so excited for my first Iftar that when the St Regis said they didn’t have a booking for me I nearly cried. Luckily they found us a table and as it was right next to the roast beef and Yorkshire puddings I soon cheered up ( I later checked – it was their mistake!)
The room being used during Ramadan is huge but wonderfully decorated with various food stations, fairy lights and beautiful glass tables. They’ve replicated an Arabic Souk with afishmongers, butchers, vegetable shop etc, and even though it seats a lot of people it didn’t feel too cramped
The doors open at 6pm and until the call to prayer you can order drinks, browse the food on offer and fill your plate – just remember not to give in to temptation or you will be given a gentle reminder not to consume anything!
The selection of food on offer was amazing and as it was the St Regis the quality matched the quantity. There were traditional dishes such as Ouzi in addition to sushi, traditional roasts, sliders, quesadillas, curries, paella plus numerous salads, breads, cheeses and desserts.
You could also order unlimited soft drinks, tea and coffee at your table.
The Iftar is served from sunset until 8pm and costs 230QR each and at the moment there is a 2 for 1 voucher in the entertainer. We will definitely be back before the end of Ramadan

IMG_3671        IMG_3682 IMG_3683 IMG_3685   IMG_3688

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