Ramadan Collection 2017: Iftar/Suhoor in Doha

Ramadan Kareem readers! I have lost count of the number of times I have already been asked which is the best Iftar/Suhoor in town this year. It is a question that is really hard to answer not only because I haven’t been to every single one to give an informed answer, but also because it’s entirely subjective. I have given a brief write-up of the Ramadan tents I have been to in the first week and I will continue to add to this over the next 3 weeks. In the interests of transparency please note I am invited to all of these events. Feel free to follow my IG stories, twitter account and Facebook page for more ‘live’ information.

Four Seasons Doha – 4494 8888

The setting – Located in the Al Mirqab ballroom the Ramadan tent is spacious and elegant creating a relaxing ambience. Decorated in royal blue and gold with an Arabic feel, I much prefer the design this year. It is also family friendly with 2 play areas for children. 

The food – an array of international and Arabic cuisine from hot and cold mezze, ouzi, sushi, roast meats, seafood, dim sum, two huge tables with desserts,and chocolate fountains, an ice cream stand and of course the much talked about chocolate shawarma.

The price – Iftar 235QR (discount for children) Suhoor 270QR

Intercontinental Doha The City – 4015 8700

The setting – Located in the Al Jawhara ballroom this huge space has been cleverly transformed into a beautiful oasis using reds and golds and local fabrics to give an arabic feel. There is a buzz in the air and its quite informal making it a hit with families and large groups.

The food – an array of arabic dishes with some international cuisine on offer too. From hot and cold mezze, salads, pastries, lamb leg, a pasta station, mixed grill, shawarma plus cheeses, a variety of desserts, ice creams and the healthier option of fresh fruit.

The price – Iftar 195QR (discounts for children) Suhoor 195QR / Suhoor dessert buffet only 115QR

Doha Marriott – 4429 8888

The setting – Playing on the hugely popular Street Food theme the live food stations are set up outside the main restaurants, each section identified by the country flag. A fun addition are the 3 camels which greet you on arrival and make for a great photo opportunity.

The food – the theme is ‘Streets of Arabia’ and the focus is very much on arabic cuisine with the addition of some international dishes. From Sudan to Egypt, Qatar to Lebanon you’ll be spoilt for choice. There is also a selection of salads, breads, seafood, roast meats and soups plus desserts and ice cream.

The price – Iftar 185QR (discounts for children) Suhoor 139QR

Marriott Marquis – 4419 5000

The setting – Located in the stylish Wanassa tent the calming whites and golds create a light, bright atmosphere. If you want to splash out you can reserve a majlis for a more private, exclusive experience.

The food – a huge range of traditional arabic dishes plus international cuisine. From shawarma, ouzi, curry, sushi, roast meats, hot and cold mezze through to cakes, pastries, fresh fruit, cheeses and a fun turkish ice cream stand – the choice is vast!

The price – Iftar 210QR (discounts for children) Suhoor is a la carte

Sheraton Grand – 4485 4444

The setting – Located at Al Majlis the arabesque design certainly has the wow factor. Using rich red and golds it is very elaborate with a stage at the front for live music.

The food – from traditional Qatari and arabic dishes, salads, hot and cold mezze, sushi,  plus live cooking stations offering dim sum, pasta and shawarma there’s a lot of choice. Also a large selection of arabic desserts plus chocolate fountains, cakes, pastries, ice cream and cheeses.

Price – Suhoor 200QR (discounts for children) Suhoor + shisha 250QR

*please note Iftar is served in Al Hubara not the Ramadan tent and is 225QR*

So, thats my round up after week 1-  I will update this next Saturday as I have reservations for Double Tree Hilton and the Grand Hyatt. 

How I saved 3,627QR in a month using Entertainer vouchers 

I first came across The Entertainer many years ago when I was visiting a friend in Australia. We had an incredible meal at a restaurant overlooking the Yarra River in Melbourne and I couldn’t believe it was 241. No gimmicks, no catches just simply buy one get one free. When we moved to Qatar in 2014 people advised us to buy one and, because of the savings you can make, we’ve bought one each year since. This year for convenience I bought the app (295QR) as it includes hotel stays and monthly offers. Out of interest I thought I’d keep a record of how much we saved in a month especially as we spent our Spring Break in Qatar and we had a variety of things planned – here are the results.


Date: 5th April

Location: Astor Grill, St Regis

Offer: Buy one get one free on any main course / grill item

Saving: 135QR – We ordered 1 tenderlion steak and 1 wagyu burger, the burger was free.

Restrictions: I was told the Entertainer can not be used on sharing platters.

Date: 9th April

Location: Quickbites, Marriott Marquis

Offer: Buy one get one free on any menu item

Saving: 45QR – We ordered 1 ‘full monty’ breakfast and sweet corn fritters. The sweetcorn fritters were free

Restrictions: I was told the Entertainer can only be used on menu items, not takeaway.

Date: 9thApril

Location: Gymkhana, Souk Wakif

Offer: Buy one get one free on any main course

Saving: 57QR – We ordered 1 appetiser, 2 mains, rice and naan bread. The butter chicken was free.

Restrictions: I was told the Entertainer can only be used on main courses

Date: 13th April

Location: Belgian Cafe, Intercontinental Hotel

Offer: Buy one get one free on any main course

Saving: 80QR – We ordered 1 duck parmentier and 1 chicken vol au vent, the vol au vent was free

Restrictions: Non

Date: 16th April

Location: Astor Grill, St Regis

Offer: Buy one get one free on the 3 course supper menu

Saving: 225QR – We ordered the 3 course supper menu each and paid for one.

Restrictions: At the moment this is only on offer during April

Date: 17th April

Location: Opal, St Regis

Offer: Buy one get one free on any main course

Saving: 95QR – We ordered 1 fish and chips and 1 pizza, the pizza was free

Restrictions: I was told the Entertainer can be used on main courses, burgers and pizza

Date: 18th April

Location: Vine, St Regis

Offer: Buy one get one free on the buffet

Saving: 150QR – We had 2 breakfast buffets and paid for 1

Restrictions: Can not be used on Friday brunch

Date: 20th April

Location: Santa Monica Breakfast Club, Grand Hyatt

Offer: Buy one get one free on any main course

Saving: 61QR – We ordered 1 beef brisket and 1 burger, the beef brisket was free

Restrictions: I was told the Entertainer can be used on any item.

Date: 27th April

Location: Belgian Cafe, Intercontinental Hotel

Offer: Buy one get one free on any main course

Saving: 105QR  – We ordered 1 baby chicken 1 rib eye steak. The chicken was free

Restrictions: Non

Date: 5th May

Location: Santa Monica Breakfast Club, Grand Hyatt

Offer: Buy one get one free on any main course

Saving: 57QR – We ordered 1 Highlander and 1 Santa Mexicana. The Santa Mexicana was free.

Restrictions: I was told the Entertainer can be used on any item.

Date: 6th May

Location: Santa Monica Breakfast Club, Grand Hyatt

Offer: Buy one get one free on any main course

Saving: 62QR – We ordered 1 poached eggs with salmon and 1 Shakshouka. The poached egg with salmon was free.

Restrictions: I was told the Entertainer can be used on any item.


Date: 9th April

Location: Marriott Marquis

Offer: Buy one pool pass, get one free

Saving: 180QR I paid for a pool pass and was given a receipt to get a free pass another day.

Restrictions: N/A

Date: 11th April

Location: Marriott Marquis

Offer: Buy one spa treatment get one free

Saving: 300QR I paid for my 1hr massage and Greg got his free.

Restrictions: N/A

Date: 20th April

Location: Doha Golf Club

Offer: Buy one golf lesson get one free

Saving: 300QR I paid for my lesson and Greg got his free.

Restrictions: N/A


DATE: 16-18th April

Location: St Regis., Doha

Offer: One night free for each night paid

Saving: 1175QR we booked one night in a grand deluxe room and got the second night free

Restrictions: You have to book direct with the hotel and can only be used on ‘room only’ basis.

DATE: 4th-6th May

Location: Grand Hyatt, Doha

Offer: One night free for each night paid

Saving: 600QR – we booked one night in a grand king room and got the second night free

Restrictions: You have to book direct with the hotel and can only be used on ‘room only’ basis.

As you can see over the month we made quite a saving. The offer on the hotels is good; especially if the food outlets in the hotel accept vouchers as in the case of the St Regis and the Grand Hyatt. For us it was definitely worth the initial outlay of 295QR. I think even if you aren’t planning on a hotel stay it is still worth buying because even if you go to brunch or, for example, use the supper club voucher at the Astor Grill you have almost broke even. I do find there are quite a few vouchers I don’t use, we don’t really drink coffee or eat ice cream, nor will we use the children’s entertainment vouchers, but we do use the vet ones. And of course, you can ping vouchers to people, or if you buy the book you can swap. Overall, for us it was a good buy.

Santa Monica Breakfast Club, Grand Hyatt

Santa Monica Breakfast Club opened a couple of months ago at the Grand Hyatt. I didn’t attend the opening and I’ve heard mixed reviews about the food and service so I thought I’d go and check it out myself now the initial buzz has died down.

We arrived just before noon mid-week and first impressions were not favourable. For a restaurant aiming to create a ‘friendly and sociable vibe’ it didn’t hit the right tone; this is how the conversation went

Greg: ‘Hi, do you have a table for 2 please’

Server: Shruged smiled and gestured to the empty restaurant

Greg: ‘Can we just sit anywhere, is here ok?’

Server: Smiled and pointed to the furthest corner.

We were then followed to the table we chose. If he hadn’t been wearing a lanyard I’d have thought I’d mistaken a customer for an employee! The space, previously the Grill restaurant, has been transformed with a ‘relaxed, Californian vibe’ with tubs of cutlery, condiments and glasses on the table (there is complimentary infused water available) plus bright, fold out menus for the drinks and food. To be fair I could have eaten pretty much anything on the menu, the majority of it appealed to me and I was spoilt for choice. Drawing on popular South California dishes the menu definitely has an emphasis on breakfast, but these dishes could be eaten all day.

Our server came back and I asked if we could use an Entertainer on any items or if there were restrictions. He replied it could be used on burgers. I then clarified it couldn’t be used on sandwiches only burgers – this caused huge confusion. I was then told it could be used on ‘any item’. I chose the pan con chicharon – beef brisket sandwich with ‘slaw and sweet potato fries – and a ginger hibiscus lemonade. Greg, who is a burger fanatic, chose the Prime Time burger with a strawberry iced tea.

Despite the restaurant being very quiet it still felt comfortable and laid back. I’m not 100% convinced that the decor completely matches the space. I like the light, bright design with lots of natural light, murals, art and recycled plant pots but the hard, dark, formal wooden tables and chairs just fit the style. It would be much better with bright cushions on the chairs like the sofas, and the addition of table clothes. However, I imagine this decor, plus the fussball table and darts create quite a fun vibe when its busy. I also noticed books, newspapers, magazines and board games at the entrance, it is a place to kick back and relax. The outside space is lovely but sadly, even with the large shaded area, it was still very hot. I imagine it will be extremely popular in the cooler months.

Our food arrived in about 15 minutes and our eyes lit up! Greg’s burger was huge and came with a bread knife which was an indicator that, despite trying, he wouldn’t be able to eat it whole. He said the burger was delicious and cooked medium as requested. We had to make a chip barrier to stop the runny egg yolk dropping off the wooden slab! My sandwich was also really tasty. The beef brisket was so soft and tender and the salsa was sweet, tangy with just a little bit of heat and the crunchy ‘slaw was a nice contrast of textures. Again, it was quite difficult to eat as a sandwich so I ended up using a knife and fork. We both enjoyed our drinks too, the lemonade was refreshing with a nice hit of ginger and the iced tea wasn’t overly sweet.

We caught the attention of a different member of staff who cleared away our plates. I asked about using our Entertainer voucher but she didn’t seem confident how to use it so I showed her. Again, maybe more staff training is needed. Would I go back? Yes, we really enjoyed the food and there is a lot more on the menu that I’d like to try. The bright, rustic, vintage environment would make it a great place to visit with friends and it seemed to me to be very family friendly. They offer a Friday brunch so if you want to try a selection of dishes maybe this would be a good option and it’s something we’d consider going to. For me, SMBC has the foundations of a fun, up beat Cafe / restaurant but for us the service just wasn’t quite there. As it becomes more established I hope these small issues can be ironed out. We did received a very jovial, friendly ‘goodbye’ from the kitchen staff as we left so it did end on a positive note!

We paid 130QR for our food and drinks. We used an Entertainer voucher so the cheapest meal was free.

UPDATE 5th May 2017

This weekend we are having a staycation at the Grand Hyatt and thought we’d go for breakfast at SMBC. I’m really pleased to say that the service was soooooo much better. Friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I thought it was only fair to update the post! 

Santa Monica Breakfast Club - Grand Hyatt Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

St Regis, Doha

We’ve been to the restaurants and bars in the St Regis so many times but we’ve never actually stayed there so when we were looking at a Doha staycation it was at the top of our list. Booking was easy, I emailed the hotel directly as we were using an Entertainer voucher and they responded within a couple of hours giving me the rate options and that evening we called into the hotel to book the room.

We arrived about 11.30am as we intended to use the beach and pool if our room wasn’t ready. Check in was fairly quick but I didn’t find it particularly warm or friendly, I thought we’d be offered a drink or a cold towel which is common in the region but this wasn’t the case. We were given the choice of a room on a lower or upper floor and we chose the latter. As expected, our room wasn’t ready because it was quite early but they said they’d call us when it was. In the meantime we made use of the beach and pool. We chose a fabulous double sunbed on the beach as the pool was very busy and we were provided with towels, water and an ice bucket. The beach was fairly clean and the sea was clear for the first meter or so after which it turned to clay which is common for some of the beaches in West Bay. We ordered lunch from Oyster Bay – this is the pool bar and, as food can’t be served on the beach, a table was set up for us by the pool. The chicken Caesar salad and lamb kofta were really tasty and reasonable priced, in fact we ordered lunch from here both days. I did feel that the level of service on the beach wasn’t as visible as by the pool so if you like staff on hand you may want to stay by the pool area.

Later in the afternoon we received a call to say our deluxe room with a lovely sea view was ready. It was quite spacious with a small sofa and desk area, lots of storage space – dressing gowns and slippers were provided. We received a note from the butler service and complimentary fruit and water. The bathroom was well-appointed with a rainfall shower, bathtub with TV and good quality Laboratoire Remede products. The bed is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in! On arrival our lights weren’t working and an engineer quickly came to fix them. We also asked for fresh milk and English breakfast tea (a bit of an obsession of mine) which was brought promptly.


We decided to eat at the Astor Grill for dinner on the first night, a restaurant we’ve been to several times lately and which I feel has improved significantly over the last year or so. We opted for the 3 course supper menu priced at 225QR each which we felt was very good value for money. The food, service and atmosphere were spot on, we both highly recommend the seafood bisque with a south East Asian twist! We were able to use an Entertainer voucher with our meal.

The next morning we slept late and woke up to this fantastic view. Other reviews have mentioned noise from the nightclub, but we didn’t hear a thing. Maybe it was because it was a Sunday night?

We decided to spend the day by the pool as it was very quiet and the weather was perfect. We chose a cabana and another double sun bed, we enjoyed lourselves lounging around and swimming in the fantastic pool.


We ordered lunch from Oyster Bay again, the lamb kofta and Cajun prawns with nachos were delicious. We were kept hydrated by complimentary bottles of ice-cold water, which were brought to us by the staff.

Late in the afternoon we went back to our room to change for dinner. We noticed that our toiletries hadn’t been replenished so we rung housekeeping and supplies arrived, we were soon ready to head to Opal. This restaurant has a lovely view from the terrace and the weather was perfect to sit outside. There was a BBQ offering a burger / hotdog, fries and a drink meal deal priced at 100QR but we chose from the a la carte menu. The prices here are indicative of the fact your dining in a 5* hotel but we were able to use an Entertainer voucher on the main course. The food was good, especially the ribs and pizza. After a couple of drinks we were shattered; it’s hard work being on holiday!

The next morning we decided to have breakfast before we packed. It was our first visit to Vine, the all day dining outlet. We chose to sit inside although they have a very nice outside terrace. The service was good and there was a calm, relaxing atmosphere but we felt the buffet was nothing out of the ordinary. I think for a 5* hotel I expected some a la carte options in addition to the buffet. There was a selection of pastries, cereal, fruit, western hot dishes, Arabic hot dishes and an egg station. The fresh omelets were nice and, although slightly unusual for breakfast, I loved the sticky toffee pudding! Again, we were able to use an Entertainer voucher so breakfast was 241.

We went back to our room, packed and checked out at 11am, again the front desk staff were efficient. We were asked if we’d enjoyed our stay and they checked all our SPG points had been added to our account, which they had.

We paid 1170QR for a two night stay on a ‘room only’ basis as we used a 241 Entertainer voucher; all our food and drinks were extra. We were able to use our Entertainer voucher when dining at the Astor Grill, Opal and Vine which significantly reduced our bill. The St Regis is part of the SPG scheme so you can gain points on your stay and when you dine in the restaurants, although we couldn’t get the 10% discount as we were already using an Entertainer.

Would I go again? Yes, we enjoyed our stay at the St Regis. The room was very comfortable with a lovely view, the food was good and it was a relaxing stay. There were a couple of issues with our room namely toiletries not being replaced, no turn down service on the second night and the lights not working properly but they were addressed. I also felt that the staff could be warmer, they are polite and helpful but it felt a little forced (other than the manager in the Astor Grill who is personable). If you’re already in Doha and looking for a staycation it did feel like an escape from city life. If you’re visiting Doha it’s about a 35min ride from the airport and very close to Katara and West Bay. The Pearl, Souk Wakif and the malls are about a 15min drive in light traffic.

Regency Camp, Sealine

If you like the idea of camping but you enjoy life’s luxuries too much to rough it, Regency Camp at Sealine fits the bill. We’ve been ‘proper camping’ at the Inland Sea a few times and thoroughly enjoyed it but this time we wanted more home comforts!

I did my research on a variety of companies offering desert experiences and eventually opted for Regency, mainly because they were very efficient when answering my emails and they were reasonably priced. We told them we would be arriving about lunchtime so we were given a number to call when we reached Mesaieed so they could pick us up. Sure enough, as we arrived at the shops by Sealine, there was a 4WD waiting for us to take us to the camp. John, our driver, asked if we’d like a ride over the dunes but we opted for a smooth journey. The drive through the desert took about 15 minutes and we were welcomed into the reception tent and given fresh juice and cool towels. 

Once check in was completed we were given a quick tour of the facilities before being shown to our tent. I’d seen photographs online but I was taken back by how homely it was inside, with traditional arabic decor and twenty-first century technology. As you can see it was really spacious with a double bed and two large singles, chest of drawers, wardrobe, bedside tables, fridge, fan, large TV and powerful a/c units.

​We decided to leave the unpacking and go straight to the beach which was just a few meters away. Luckily it was very quiet and we had the pick of the cabanas and loungers. The beach was clean and the sea really clear and shallow; suitable for children.

We spent the next few hours swimming and reading until the sun started to go down. It was very peaceful and relaxing. We then returned to our tent and got ready for dinner. The shower had plenty of hot water and was powerful, the complimentary Elemis toiletries were a nice touch.

​We had been told dinner was served at 7.30pm but when we arrived it wasn’t ready so we went to the beach and, as it was such a clear night, we star gazed for a while.

Dinner, served in the restaurant tent, was a basic affair. It was buffet style with a range of Arabic Mezze such as hummus, baba ganoush, fattoush, salad and breads. The main course consisted of mixed grill, meat with rice, a couple of pasta dishes and steamed veg. Dessert was limited to a couple of different cakes and fresh fruit. The food was fresh and well cooked and even though it was nothing outstanding it was perfectly fine. Throughout the meal we were brought water and soda and the service was good with food replenished often. We did feel that the restaurant lacked atmosphere, especially as only 4 tables were occupied, it would have been nice to have some Arabic music playing.

After dinner we were going to go and sit around the camp fire but it became clear that the camp was being set up for a big event. Vans loaded with chairs and tables started to arrive and were then unloaded right by us. We decided instead to go to a cabana, but service was lacking. We had to find someone to order shisha from and couldn’t find anyone to take a drink order. It was also quite noisy with the vehicles and workmen.

We decided to return to our room but the noise continued – the tents aren’t very sound proof – as furniture was trundled past our door. Luckily, this didn’t last too long and we slept soundly to be woken up extremely early by workmen. We went for breakfast, again buffet style and again simple but adequate. A selection of pastries, yoghurt, breads, eggs and hot dog sausages, beans and hash browns. As we were up so early we had time for another dip in the sea before packing but unfortunately this was disturbed by workmen shouting and vehicles moving. We decided to check out about 9.30am and we were transported back to our car at Sealine. We did receive an apology about the noise and disruption – 500 people from QF were arriving for an event starting at 10am so we had been a bit unlucky with our timing! Would we go again? I’m not 100% sure. The tents are lovely and it’s so tranquil but I think it may be something to do just once. Maybe I would go back if family and friends were visiting as you can also go dune bashing and camel riding from here. I don’t feel we got the full service due to them setting up for the big event and I think if we’d been told about this we’d have booked a different night. It was certainly an experience and it’s something a bit different to staying in a regular hotel. There’s a variety of price packages available, we paid 850QR for the tent (which sleeps 4 comfortably) and this price included dinner, breakfast and soft drinks. Please keep in mind the resort is dry and QID or a marriage certificate is required.

Zengo, Kempinski Residences (business lunch video) 

We finish work a little earlier on a Thursday and I suggested we went for a business lunch. Greg needed no convincing and we decided on Zengo as we love the Friday brunch there. Here’s a slightly different post, less writing and more visuals.

The menu – These are the menu choices for the business lunch. You chose 1 dish from each section of the menu.

Starter – Cauliflower and seasame salad / Chinese chicken salad. Shrimp roll ( 3 pieces) and new volcano roll (3 pieces). These 2 courses are served at the same time.

Main course – BBQ lamb ribs and miso salmon with a side of fried rice and sauteed mushrooms

Dessert – lime and yuzu cheesecake with peanut crumb and a serving of burnt milk ice cream

The bill – We both opted for the business lunch priced at 95QR each including soft drinks and water. Everything in the videos was included, our bill came to 190QR which is excellent value. The business lunch is served 12-4pm Sunday to Thursday (last order is at 3.15pm)

The view – If you haven’t been to Zengo I recommend you give it a try! If the food hasn’t convinced you maybe the view will ( the windows could do with a clean after the stormy weather we’ve had lately!)


C.taste, Centro Capital Hotel

The weather last weekend was a bit of a wash out. However, it was perfect for a long, leisurely lunch which was exactly what we did on Friday as I’d been invited to brunch at C. taste, the restaurant at Centro Capital Hotel. I can imagine some of you are thinking ‘where?’ ‘never heard of it!’ that’s probably because it’s relatively new and tucked away just off C Ring road near Barwa Tower. First impressions of the hotel were good, there’s valet parking (which is vital as parking in the area is limited) and the reception area is very modern with lots of natural light.

C.taste, the all day dining restaurant is split into two sections, we chose to sit by the window away from the bar area – the other section is by the bar and the main lobby. The modern design of the hotel continued through to the restaurant with the light, bright, modern ‘monochrome with a splash of lime’ theme. I liked the variety of seating from benches seating 2/4 people to raised breakfast bars with fabulous overhead light and tables for bigger groups of 10-12 people. It felt quite cosy and created a nice ambience. The area we were in was also non smoking and I suggest, if you are sensitive to the smell of smoke, you ask for a table here as on the lower seating area you can smell smoke from the bar.

We then went for a look at the dishes on offer. At the enterance to the restaurant there was a tempting display of tapas, however they were not labeled. I stuck to the dishes that were pretty obvious such as smoked salmon and cream cheese bites and dates wrapped in bacon, both of which tasted good. I asked about the labels and they explained that they had just introduced this section and everything will be labelled in the future, as all their other dishes are.

There was also very good range of salads. I am not a fan of lettuce, I think its pointless (unless it’s in a caesar salad) and I was pleased to see some thought had gone into the salad selection. I really enjoyed the seared tuna with mango and avocado, the thai beef, chicken with pineapple and the flaked salmon with broccoli and citrus.

Moving on there were 3 rustic buckets filled with crab, prawn and mussels with a choice of dips and sauces. The seafood was very fresh and seemed popular with our fellow diners as well as ourselves.

The ‘hot’ section offered spicy tom yum soup and a milder roasted pumpkin served with a selection of fresh breads. There was also a good range of main courses such as chicken roulade with pesto (very good) beef stew which was perfect for the rainy weather, black angus striploin with yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes. 
For sushi lovers there was a small but perfectly formed section and, although not a huge choice, it was well executed. One of my favourite dishes was the beef carpaccio which was sliced thinly with a drizzle of oil, peppery rocket and salty parmesan.

We were also able to order from the grill and selected lamb chops which were juicy and well seasoned and some spicy tandoori chicken. These grilled meats, along with fresh pasta dishes, are freshly cooked to order and brought to your table.

Overall I was impressed with the choice of savoury dishes. I liked the presentation on small serving platters which meant that food was replenished quickly. There was a large group seated near us and I couldn’t help but notice they were happily tucking into plates of tender beef, crispy yorkshires, roast potatoes and gravy on this very rainy day!

Dessert was next and whilst it the choice was as extensive as at some brunches there would be something to appeal to most people. From traditional Arabic Umm Ali and ‘oriental desserts’, individual rocky roads, mahalabiya, cheesecake, fruit tart, chocolate brownies plus platters of chocolates, turkish delight and macarons.

My favourites were the shot glasses of thick cream with strawberry coulis and the rich rocky road. I loved the biscuit based on the cheesecake but found the topping too much like a mousse, we also felt the macarons were too hard and dry, the consistency was more biscuit like. There was also a range of cheeses with fruit and biscuits which I was far too full to try!


Overall I felt that the Friday brunch at C. taste is very competitively priced and represents good value for money. The buffet including water/ fresh juice is 185QR and 249QR for the package which includes wine, beer and spirits. This brunch is perfect for people wanting a relaxing Friday with a good selection of well presented, fresh food using quality ingredients. The service was friendly and efficient throughout, although we did point out that cutlery needs replacing once plates have been removed. This is not a wild, dancing, party brunch but has a nice atmosphere with the staff always on hand if needed. I also think it would be suitable for people with older children and for those who want a non smoking environment. A good addition to the Friday brunch scene, and for those not wanting to spend 400QR+ per person.

*please note that I was a guest of the hotel, I have provided an honest account of my experience and all photos are my own*

C.taste - Centro Capital Doha Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato