St Regis, West Bay

I was so excited for my first Iftar that when the St Regis said they didn’t have a booking for me I nearly cried. Luckily they found us a table and as it was right next to the roast beef and Yorkshire puddings I soon cheered up ( I later checked – it was their mistake!)
The room being used during Ramadan is huge but wonderfully decorated with various food stations, fairy lights and beautiful glass tables. They’ve replicated an Arabic Souk with afishmongers, butchers, vegetable shop etc, and even though it seats a lot of people it didn’t feel too cramped
The doors open at 6pm and until the call to prayer you can order drinks, browse the food on offer and fill your plate – just remember not to give in to temptation or you will be given a gentle reminder not to consume anything!
The selection of food on offer was amazing and as it was the St Regis the quality matched the quantity. There were traditional dishes such as Ouzi in addition to sushi, traditional roasts, sliders, quesadillas, curries, paella plus numerous salads, breads, cheeses and desserts.
You could also order unlimited soft drinks, tea and coffee at your table.
The Iftar is served from sunset until 8pm and costs 230QR each and at the moment there is a 2 for 1 voucher in the entertainer. We will definitely be back before the end of Ramadan

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Ruby Wu’s, Radission Blu, Doha

We’ve had two Chinese meals since we have been here – at Hakkasan at the St Regis, which in my opinion, is one of the best restaurants in Doha, and at Shanghai Garden in City Center Mall. Ruby Wu’s had been recommended to us so we went on Saturday evening.
On first impression it’s a bit odd as its a cavernous area with a glass ceiling just below the hotel reception. The restaurant shares its space with Bombay Balti the Indian restaurant but they have both been decorated very differently. Ruby Wu’s has very dark wooden furniture, Chinese symbols on fabric and two streams with bridges going over, you can also see into the kitchen which is slightly screened off, I thought it created a nice atmosphere. We were served quickly and throughout our meal the service was discreet but very friendly and attentive.

For starters we ordered steamed prawn dim sum and crispy Szechuan beef with chilli. The four dim sum were delicious, packed with filling and served with dipping sauces, the beef was served warm as requested and consisted of small fried strips of beef with a fiery chilli sauce – be warned its pretty hot!

For mains we ordered sweet and sour chicken, beef in oyster sauce, fried rice with duck and prawns and pak choi with mushrooms. The chicken was really fruity and tasty, big chunks of chicken, fruit and veg in a sauce that wasn’t too gloopy or sugary. The beef with broccoli was quite salty due to the oyster sauce with big pieces of beef and tender broccoli which had kept its crunch. The rice was very good as was the pak choi and mushrooms.

The portion sizes were big, we ended up taking food home for lunch the next day. For 2 starters, 2 mains, 2 sides, 2 soft drinks and a bottle of water it came to 370 ( incl tip) which is significantly cheaper than Hakkasan. We will definitely go back


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The Chippy, C Ring Road

We had been talking about going back to the UK in a few weeks and the food we had missed, unsurprisingly fish and chips was on the list! Once the idea of fish and chips is in your head nothing else will do so I checked the opening times for The Chippy during Ramadan as we had been there before and been pretty impressed.
Luckily it is open throughout Ramadan from 10am for collection and delivery and after 6.30pm to dine in. We rung up and ordered to collect and they were ready for when we arrived.
We ordered 2 white fish – you can buy cod but it’s double the price – with chips, mushy peas, gravy, a chicken and mushroom pie, 2 battered sausages and soft drink which came to 130QR ( not to be eaten all at once!)
The food was piping hot and delicious, like ‘ proper’ fish and chips. The chips were chunky and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside the fish batter was light and not too greasy. The pie had a lovely pastry and a creamy chicken and mushroom filling. The battered sausage was a proper beef sausage rather than a hot dog sausage and it was so good!
I’d really recommend The Chippy, it’s good food at a good price and you can use an entertainer voucher. Next time we will having fish and chips we’ll probably be in Redcar in the wind and rain!

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Chilis, City Center Mall

Unable to go to happy hour on Thursday evening due to Ramadan we wandered over to Chilis at City Center. We’ve been quite a few times as the food and service is always pretty good for a chain restaurant and in our opinion so much better than Applebees.
We arrived at 6.30pm and because it had just opened it was pretty quiet. As it was Ramadan we were given complimentary dates and Vimto while we looked at the menu. We decided on boneless buffalo wings to share as a starter and tenderloin steak and beef ribs each for mains.

The food arrived quickly and luckily they’d taken note of our request for not too much spice on the buffalo wings as we’ve ordered them before and they are pretty hot and I don’t like spicy food. Then, after a couple of minutes our mains came. It drives me mad that restaurants do this if you don’t specifically ask for a gap between starters and mains, the server took them back though so it wasn’t an issue. Our mains arrived when we requested, they were piping hot and well presented. The steak was very well cooked medium rare, it was far better than the steak I’d had at Opal a few weeks ago and one of the best I’ve had here, the loaded mash and crunchy veg were a perfect accompaniment. Husband really enjoyed his ribs and even though they didn’t fall of the bone he said they were better than the ones at TGI.

Overall for 300QR for starter, 2 mains, 2 drinks and a tip it is good value as the food was really good. It’s a great place for lunch too as they do soup/salad and main deal for about 40QR. For families it’s ideal as there is a children’s menu and the staff provide activity packs to keep them entertained!


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La Spiga, W Hotel, West Bay

We are so lucky to live just a few minutes walk away from W Hotel, I love the design of the hotel and it’s a huge bonus that there are 3 really good restaurants inside as well as a great ‘ post brunch’ bar. All three restaurants offer a 3 course business lunch Sat – Thur 95QR each which is excellent value and finding ourselves finishing work earlier than usual yesterday we decided on the spur of the moment to go to La Spiga – great decision!

The restaurant was fairly quiet when we arrived and as usual we received a warm welcome, the service here is always really good and the staff do look genuinely happy to see you and engage in conversation. There was a good variety to choose from on the business lunch menu which changes regularly and they also sell lovely ‘ muddles’ or mocktails which are always freshly made. The bread basket at La Spiga is always good and its very easy to fill up on bread before your main meal arrives so try to hold back!

For starters I had calamari, I order this quite often as its so light and crispy and the basil mayonnaise is just so tasty again it did not disappoint. Husband ordered melanzane parmigiana, the aubergine was soft but had kept some firmness and the tomato sauce was sweet with the creamy mozzarella on top.

For my main I ordered duck ravioli with a cream and pea sauce. I was worried it was going to be a bit too rich but the sweet, crunchy peas complimented it perfectly, in fact it tasted just like a dish I had eaten in recently in Venice. Husband had veal with capers, potatoes and asparagus. The veal was very well cooked but he felt that it needed additional veg or potatoes.

For dessert I had semi cold raspberry cake which is one of the strangest desserts I have ever had. It was absolutely delicious but I could decide if it was a mousse, parfait or ice cream in the end I asked a waiter but he wouldn’t disclose the secret! Husband had citrus panacotta which he described as one of the best he had ever had – he said it wasn’t too sweet, not too creamy and the citrus was a good palate cleanser.

The food was fantastic and the portion size was perfect, the total bill for bread, 3 courses each, water, 2 muddles and a take away coffee was 290QR ( excluding tip) which is amazing value. I’d recommend the business lunch here, we’ve also eaten off the main menu which was good and been to happy hour – the Grape Escape in which selected drinks are 50% off and you get a free appetiser. Go, you won’t be disappointed!

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La Varenne, Tornado Tower, West Bay


I felt a bit deflated after today’s experience at La Varenne on the 28th floor of Tornado Tower. Several people have recommended it to us and as we wanted to go somewhere special for lunch we decided to give it a go. I made a booking via their website and received a quick confirmation, we arrived to see a fairly empty restaurant at 1pm. Perhaps one of the most striking things about the restaurant is the view along the corniche and beyond, the design of the restaurant is very good as its flooded with natural light and feels spacious and airy. We booked hoping to have a business lunch but it was not available so we ate off the main menu which isn’t extensive but offers a good selection.

To start we both ordered French Onion soup, when it arrived it wasn’t particularly hot but the strangest thing was that the cheese had clearly been grated into a huge ball and placed on top, not melted on top of the croutons which meant you needed to eat a mouthful of stringy half melted cheese before getting to the soup which wasn’t pleasant. The croutons were in a soggy pile at the bottom of the soup, it wasn’t very well presented as you can see from the photograph and was a bit tasteless and disappointing.

For my main I ordered duck with peppercorn sauce and requested it pink. Unfortunately when it arrived it wasn’t sliced and was very tought to cut into with a reguar knife, it was also nowhere near pink. in fact it was overcooked. The peppercorn sauce was tasty as were the fondant potatoes and the sliced grapefruit brought a bit of zing to an otherwise uninspiring main course. Husband ordered Hammour with crushed potatoes, the fish was moist and flaky and the dish was a success.

Overall we found the food to be pretty average, the drinks were very watered down and the service just adequate. We paid 400QR excluding tip for 2 starters, 2 mains, 1 side and 2 soft drinks. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t terrible, we won’t rush back.

IMG_3620     La Varenne

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Opal by Gordon Ramsay, St Regis, Doha

Having read and heard mixed reviews of Opal we decided to try the happy hour last Thursday. The staff were very good at responding to my emails about menus and reserving a table.
We had a lovely table outside with a great view of the grounds and sea.
We started by ordering a pitcher of gin fizz – it did seem a bit odd when it came that there were whole leaves of mint making it quite difficult to drink but after a few minutes a different member of staff arrived to explain it had been made incorrectly and a fresh pitcher arrived! The drink was lovely. We ordered the 3 tapas offer (80qr) of beef burger, lamb burger and prawn tempura and the food was really good and the portions offered good value for money.
As we had enjoyed the tapas and it was getting late we decided to order a main and a bucket of beers taking advantage of our entertainer voucher. I ordered steak ( no fries, no sauce) my husband the burger. The food arrived quickly but my steak was served with fries and sauce which was odd as I had specifically asked for it without. My husband loved his burger but my steak was a bit fatty, not the best I’ve ever had.
Overall it was a really nice night, the service was good and we chatted with the manager for a while. I’d go back for Thursday night promotion but probably not rush back to eat off the main menu even with the entertainer voucher.

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